Groups for zip lining. People going for sure
Posted Tuesday, August 7, 2012 02:17 PM

First Zip line group:           

1. Peggy Dahl
2. Gaylene Somsen
3. Alison Gwinn May
4. Whitney Fox Goldberg
5. Eddy Baker
6. Cindy Gillette Dormer
7. Valerie Dunn
8. Sandra Yowell
9. DiAna Longoria Allison
10.Joseph Flores
11.Merida Flores
12.Andre Allison
13.Cynthia Billmeyer
14.Trina Hernandez
15.Max Nielson

Second zip line group:

1. Pam Parker Miller           
2. Joe Miller
3. Don Meierhoff
4. Kristi Meierhoff
5. Dave Longhurst
6. Kyle Gray
7. Chris Dillee
8. Michelle Lewis
9. Brian Moran
10.Elisabeth Sosa
11.Michael Reeve
12.Ashley Walker
13.Greg Walker
14.Denise Walker
15.Stephanie Walker


Working on third group of names of people who have contacted me this morning. For those not on the list come to Red Lion Parking lot at 8:45am to drive to Heise and join us ziplining. Or meet us at Heise at 11am. Hope everyone is excited for the Reunion!

Any questions about groups or concerns please contact me via text to my cell at 208-412-1980. Don't forget to tell me who you are on the text. Or go to my profile and leave me a message. Thanks See you there!